Whenever you create an account, the first thing you will meddle up with is logging in. When you sign up to a new account in www.Hotmail.com that too Hotmail live.com account, you need to ensure it by verifying. You may not understand the real reason why you should do this when you are using your email address and password on your personal computer.  It is a known fact that the computer will memorize the email address and password when you keep on using them for sometime.  May be not the password exactly,but the computer will surely remember the email address and as soon as you start filling the email field, your email address will pop up when you’re trying to login.


Why user need to verify their account while signing up to Hotmail?

You can sometimes use the option”remind me later” present right below your email address and password.  But if you are away from home and using a new system to operate your email and don’t remember your password,it gets difficult to recover unless you have a verified account.  This is why the user is asked to verify their Hotmail account while trying to sign up. Only after successful verification user will be allowed to send or operate their email services.  If you are new to this verification thing then you can get to know the details about it from this article. Check www.hotmail.com 

WWW.HOTMAIL.COM Login – Verify Your MSN Hotmail Live.com Account

  • While signing up for Hotmail account you will receive a prompt from the email account saying that “please verify your account” followed by two options – “verify” and “close”.  You need to click on “verify”.
  • On clicking verify you will be taken to a new page where you will be again prompted to enter your mobile number.
  • Enter your mobile number in the specified field appropriately along with country code and click next.
  • Also accept the terms and conditions of service which will give you a ride through all the services offered upon accepting the terms.
  • You will then be redirected to a new page where you need to enter the verification code.  You need to see the message that was sent your mobile number and jot down the same in the verification code slot.
  • Once you enter the verification code and submit it, you will see a pop up message saying “Thank you for verifying your account”, which means that your account verification is successful.
  • Click on done to get back to the inbox page.

Uses of verifying account

If you verify your account successfully you can easily recover the username and password if at all you use a new system orif you have forgotten them by chance.  The Verification also comes to use when you maintain multiple email accounts and there are high chances of forgetting the passwords.  If you have verified your account on Hotmail,you can skip all these risk factors in a shot and can easily login even though you have multiple accounts from the same email provider.